The Huntington Library: The Annual Francis Bacon Lecture and continuing Support for the acquisition of books related to Sir Francis Bacon and the expansion of the Bacon Collection at the Library.

The Huntington Memorial Hospital: Support for Research on the Brain and purchase of equipment.

University of Southern California Law School: The Sir Francis Bacon Study Room in the law school's new building.

Pasadena Area Schools: Distribution of Videos on the Western Philosophical Tradition.

Pasadena Public Schools: Sir Francis Bacon Prizes for Science Projects.

California Institute of Technology: to establish the Francis Bacon Prize for the best article in science, to sponsor the winner as a Visiting Professor, and to fund a Bi-annual Conference.

Pasadena Unified School District: funds to buy science supplies for the classroom.

University of London: to support the cataloguing of the Francis Bacon Society Library.

Flintridge Prep: funds to buy equipment for the science laboratory.

Pasadena Education Foundation: to help fund the purchase of physics equipment for the science laboratories at John Muir High School.

Lasalle High School: funds to buy laptops for the school's science and math teachers.

University of Notthingham: to support the cataloguing of the Woodward Collection.

The Norris Cancer Center: gift for cancer research.

Mayfield Senior School: to help fund the school's first interactive white board.

Chandler Schools: to buy science equipment for the classroom.

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